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As the most celebrated athlete sponsored by Rolex watches, Federer gets paid big money for performances like these. And no one's talking about tennis. Back in 2006, Rolex paid for Federer's loyalty with a contract of close to 10 million pounds. Now the Swiss watchmaker, already one of the world's most recognizable labels and a leader in company branding, is reaping the benefits of additional press. But the get best rolex increased exposure has paved the way for success among other companies as well. Swiss-Wrist, which specializes in the retail of online, pre-owned Rolex watches, has seen a jump in sales recently as well and is thankful for the increased exposure afforded by the tournament champion. "We're lucky to be associated with such a great name and a great product," says CEO . "We want to offer a big congratulations to Mr. Federer for what he's accomplished."


Harry: Tomorrow was your boyfriend Harry's sister Gemma's birthday. Harry's family was throwing a surprise party for her at his family home. Harry and you had procrastinated on buying her gifts, so here you were the day before her birthday shopping for just the right present. You and Gemma were very close friends and you knew exactly what she would want. When you got in the store you told Harry you'd be at the jewelry display section and if he wanted to come along you would be glad to give him some pointers on what his sister would want from him. You found the exact pearl bracelet Gemma had marveled over when you went shopping with her 2 weeks ago. It had a tiny charm hanging from the clasp that had her birth stone on it. "She's going to love it!" You said, thanking the employee. You looked at Harry who was absorbed in looking at Rolex watches. "Harry!" You snapped. "Yes, love?" He looked up at you. "You're supposed to be shopping for Gemma." You reminded him. "I am." He said. "Your sister does not like Rolex watches, now come here and I'll help you!" You pulled him away from the watches and to the section with diamond necklaces. "This one would be perfect. And you can have the back engraved." You smiled. The necklace you were showing him had a tiny metal circle with a diamond in the center. "Are you sure?" He asked. "Positive." You assured him. He bought the necklace and you two walked back to his car. "Now, what would you do without me?" You smiled, joking with him. "I honestly do not know. Thank you, babe." He replied and kissed you passionately before opening your door for you.




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